How to Delete Name from INTERPOL database?

A removal request is submitted to INTERPOL’s Commission for Control of Files, involving an evaluation of the Red Notice against Article 83 of INTERPOL’s regulations.

Request the removal of your name from INTERPOL

Consider these steps:

  1. Contact the judicial authorities of the country that issued the Red Notice for deletion. Consulting a lawyer is advisable due to varying legal processes.
  2. Work with your country’s authorities for name removal, with legal assistance for effective navigation.
  3. Apply to the Commission for Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF), ensuring your request meets the admissibility criteria.

Requirement for Red Notice Removal Requests

To navigate INTERPOL’s regulations and challenge a Red Notice, consider:

  1. Article 3 of INTERPOL’s constitution forbids involvement in political, military, religious, or racial matters.
  2. Article 2 requires INTERPOL’s actions to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. A specific policy exists for individuals recognized as refugees under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Legal expertise in INTERPOL Red Notices is often necessary due to varying case bases.

Information Required to Request Removal

To request removal from INTERPOL’s database, provide detailed information aligned with the organization’s constitution and regulations:

  1. Nature of Offense: Detail the charges and provide counter-evidence like photos, videos, or eyewitness accounts if wrongfully accused.
  2. Status of the Person: Disclose any political involvement of the accused that might have influenced the issuing country’s decision.
  3. Source of Data: Include information from court decisions or human rights reports relevant to your case.
  4. Context of the Case: Clarify if the case is rooted in civil rather than criminal matters.
  5. Risk of Torture: Inform the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF) if there’s a risk of torture upon returning to your home country.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find out if you have a red notice?
To check if a Red Notice has been issued for you, contact the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF), an independent body. Applications are free and confidential.
How do I get rid of red notice?
To contest a Red Notice, approach the Commission for the Control of Interpol's Files (CCF), an independent body that reviews and decides on Red Notice removal requests.
How do you know if you are on the Interpol list?
Visit the 'Wanted Persons' section on Interpol's official website to view a public database of individuals with Red Notices.