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Our human rights lawyers use their legal backgrounds to advocate for clients exposed to human rights violations. Our efforts and dedication over the years have resulted in several rulings issued by the European Court of Human Rights in favor of our clients.

We pride ourselves in helping tackle violations of human rights worldwide. We help protect the rights of vulnerable people, women, children, refugees, marginalized and indigenous people, and others. In short, we help in upholding the human rights of people who have suffered great injustices.

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A Human Rights lawyer is a guardian who fights for justice on an everyday basis, striving to get an effective legal remedy for the Client, restore the violated rights, and ensure that the compensation is being paid.

Our experienced team of Human Rights lawyers has successfully handled hundreds of complex cases worldwide, delivering robust and tailored legal solutions for our clients, namely in the European Court of Human Rights, other International Courts, in front of Interpol, as well as via a direct representation of our Clients at the national level. We have managed to fight systemic abuses of government and law enforcement agencies in the most complex jurisdictions, including the authoritarian states where human rights observance is poor and justice is a far destination to reach.

We have also ensured witnessed that severaour l clients are awarded compensations for their claims against some states. Our work is not yet complete; We never suspend our work and do not play nice compromises with abusers, meantime we always continue to thrive on our passion to ensure that international human rights issues don’t even happen, but once a violation takes place – it is being immediately addressed and justice prevails in the end.

What We Do

Our human rights lawyers perform all duties related to representing clients in court to present arguments before a judge; some of our human rights lawyers work from the office making sure every party is upholding human rights and civil rights, others stand in court, and others are on the frontline of conflict zones to ensure that vulnerable groups receive the basic rights protection from United Nations or party to the conflict. Some of our most crucial tasks include:

  • Challenge government decisions

    It’s commonly known as judicial review, where human rights lawyers challenge government decisions through the courts. For example, our lawyers have often asked the court to review a government decision if they acted irrationally or unfairly, breaching the rights of an individual or a group of persons.

    Our attorneys use the judicial review process in cases such as inhibiting the unlawful eviction of an individual or stopping the deportation of an asylum seeker. Often, these cases are urgent and need a human rights lawyer who is quick and efficient. Our lawyers are known to react fast and act be quick and thoroughly as they seek justice for our clients.

  • Help people or entities find protective injunctions.

    Injunctions are court orders ordering a person, a public or private agency (organization), to fulfill an action or preventing a person from undertaking an action. Our attorneys are the best at helping you seek injunctions also as further enforce them.For example, we help a domestic violence victim get a protection order that prohibits her partner from coming to their home or contacting her. In addition, we can help obtain an injunction preventing a breach of your privacy (including the prevention of authorities to seize your mobile devices and extract any information from them, to get an access to your email account etc)..

  • Helping to draft and write human rights legislation and policies.

    Our human rights lawyers are at the forefront of working with the national government to help draft legislations that positively affect human rights observance. We also provide the consult different governments and NGOs, providing them with our legal expertise and helping them to draft and implement write new laws concerning human rights. In addition, we also help develop policies while holding the government accountable for all promises and endeavors it makes regarding human rights.

  • Act on behalf of groups or entities.

    At times, there is a wide scale of breaches of human rights law, which leads to the loss of many lives. Commonly, the government holds a commission of inquiry to get to the bottom of the issues that took place.

    Our lawyers have experience in such investigations and scenarios and therefore help represent the interested persons. They seek to fight for the rights of the people while ensuring that the voices of the interested persons concerned are heard while seeking justice.

  • Inquests into the death of a family’s loved ones.

    When an individual dies under the government’s care, such as in prison, police custody, or military facility, there must be an inquest into their death. Our lawyers are familiar with inquiriesinquests, which involve fact-finding the case to explore the circumstances of the person’s death.

    Suppose there is suspicion that human rights law violation occurred; it’s grounds for an in-depth inquest before a jury. Our lawyers have many years of relevant experience in such investigation processes the inquest process and help act on behalf of the deceased’s family. They ensure the calling of all relevant witnesses and that all the right questions are asked to know what happened so justice is served and fair compensation is paid to the family upon the result of the case consideration.

  • Arguing for financial compensation for their clients or other settlement forms.

    This is the most common work that our human rights lawyers undertake. For example, if immigration authorities unlawfully detain a person, our attorneys will assist them in obtaining compensation from the government for their time deprivation and moral suffering.

    Also, if there is discrimination against a client based on sexuality or race, we will provide a proper and comprehensive legal defensedefence d you against the years of racism endured. It’s the work of our lawyers to obtain financial compensation and seek to obtain an acknowledgment of responsibility for the action that took place.

  • Work on CSR initiatives.

    It’s morally right that law firms give back to the communities they operate in, and our law firm hasn’t been left behind in this bright and benevolent practice. We spearhead community service by heading up human rights-oriented projects.

    We enlighten people on their rights and provide give the community free legal advice. Everyone must be aware of the legal framework of human rights also as the legal guarantees and remedies they possess in case of infringement upon their rights. It also helps bring out people who face human rights violations, whom we help achieve justice, through pro-bono work. Ordinarily, 20% of all our cases are handled on a pro-bono basis.

Skills Our Human Rights Lawyers Possess

Due to the nature of our job, our human rights lawyers work with various tasks such as drafting legal documents, searching for legal precedents cases, fulfilling a profound legal analysis, involving the best forensic experts, cooperating with human rights NGOs and investigative journalists in order to fulfill a fact-finding activity and gather maximum proof of human rights violations on different levels, arguing human rights cases in courts, etc. Therefore, they require critical, analytical, and communication skills, which, among others, are needed in international human rights law that are taught in law schools.

  • Public speaking: You need a human rights lawyer who can speak well and eloquently express ideas while presenting arguments for our clients. Be Rest assured that our human rights lawyer will perfectly and professionally represent your case well in a court of law.
  • Communication skills: A human rights lawyer needs to speak with clients who are victims of human rights violations. Hence, they require the ability to interact calmly and clearly with them, expressing genuine empathy and meantime staying ethical and impartial. Also, they need to relay the information properly to other legal professionals or the court. Therefore, our human rights lawyers are the best in communication skills.
  • Legal writing skills: One of the most important roles of a human rights lawyer is noting down many details while pursuing your case and making a logical line between them, which will result in a well-grounded and professional legal brief.. Therefore they must be clear and skilled in their written communication, especially when writing memos or addends that other people will read and take into account considering the case, such as judges or lawyers.
  • Research skills: Legal research is key in this field. We ensure that our lawyers stay updated on the legalother decided cases the legal precedents, effective legislation, and international legal provisions, also as on any other or legal or factual issues related to your case. When elaborating and enhancing a legal position in our cases we often successfully use a wide range of arguments related to the political, economic, and social background, which helps us to win the case. For example, due to our excellent research in one of the recent cases we received non-public information (confirmed by admissible proof) on the state of detention centers functioning and conditions of detention in one of the Middle East Countries, also as on the nature of the treatment to certain types of prisoners. We used this information in the scope of the extradition case which was considered regarding the Client by one of the German courts that resulted in the refusal of the extradition request by the court. We also have a professional team of paralegals who are supervised by senior lawyers and are involved in the legal research activity contributing hugely to the final outcome in the case, saving the clients’ money, and liberating more resources for lawyers to concentrate on legal analysis and other complex tasks.
  • Time management: Most, if not all, human rights lawyers are quite busy trying to balance and handle many cases at once. Time management is key to ensuring that they give all cases full attention and balance all priorities. Our human rights lawyers have scheduled client meetings, thus ensuring they prioritize your case and give it the seriousness it deserves. Each lawyer and senior lawyer of our law firm has one or several assistants helping him with the work organization.
  • Debating and negotiation skills: Our lawyers are best known for their debating and negotiation skills. As they defend or advocate for you, they are persuasive as they debate and negotiate with the court or judges. Being consistent and principal while fighting for our client’s rights we, at the same time, know how to perfectly combine hard and soft skills and reach a compromise when it is in the Client’s best interests and is approved by him or her. The main task for us is not to show our ambitions or satisfy the professional ego but to get a solution for the client by any means.
  • Dedication: Legal processes are tedious and time-consuming. However, our human rights lawyers are passionate and dedicated to following up on difficult cases that can take months or even years to solve.
  • Resilience: We are aware of the emotional burden that these cases bring as we deal with human rights violations. As such, you need a human rights lawyer who is resilient, persistent, and keeps working to fight for your human rights.

Iryna Berenstein
Associated Partner
Mrs. Berenstein is a distinguished and outstanding lawyer with profound experience and exceptional legal knowledge in the field of International Private Law, Financial Law, Corporate Law, investment regulation, Compliance, Data Protection, and Reputation Management.

Human Rights Lawyers FAQ

What do human rights lawyers actually do?
Human rights lawyers advocate for the protection and enforcement of human rights, representing individuals and groups who have experienced violations of their rights. They work in a variety of settings, such as litigation, policy development, research, and international advocacy, and often collaborate with non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and international institutions.
What are the 5 basic human rights?
Five basic human rights, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, include the right to life, liberty, and personal security; the right to be free from torture, cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment; the right to equality before the law; the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; and the right to work and education.
What are violations of human rights?
Violations of human rights occur when actions or policies by individuals, groups, or governments infringe upon the fundamental rights and freedoms to which every person is entitled. Examples include torture, extrajudicial killings, discrimination, forced labor, human trafficking, and censorship.
Who can breach your human rights?
Human rights breaches can be committed by a variety of actors, including governments, private individuals, corporations, and armed groups. While human rights laws primarily target governments, other entities can also be held accountable for their actions that violate the rights of individuals.
What are the three main causes of human rights violations?
The main causes of human rights violations include oppressive or discriminatory governmental policies, social and economic inequalities, and conflicts or wars. These factors can lead to systemic abuses, targeted persecution of specific groups, and widespread human suffering.